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      1. Alberta


        Confined between the nadian provinces of Saskatchewan to the east, British Columbia to the west and the Northwest Territories in northern Alberta is that counts thanks to the oil resources as the richest province in nada.

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        Confined between the nadian provinces of Saskatchewan to the east, British Columbia to the west and the Northwest Territories in northern Alberta is that counts thanks to the oil resources as the richest province in nada. Named after Princess Louise roline Alberta, a daughter of Queen Victoria, who coined by prairie landspes province with nearly […]

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        It is the province in nada with the most population and it is so large that there the whole area of Germany fits three times. This refers to Ontario, the largest province in nada in terms of area, which is only surpassed in this regard from eastern Quebec.North of Ontario extends the Hudson Bay and […]

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        British Columbia

        British Columbia is the third largest province in nada. With approximately 950,000 km2, it is as large as the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and France together. British Columbia takes almost ten percent of the total area of nada, and is bordered to the northwest by the Northwest Territories, on the east by […]

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        Nature and Environmental Protection in nada

        nada is a country with heavenly natural beauty, stunning landspes and untouched reserves. Many parts of nada are known as unexplored, lonely wilderness, and flora and fauna of the country should be stunningly diverse. nada consists largely of vastness uninhabited and unspoiled natural landspe and is large enough to reveal a distance measurement in kilometers as inappropriate – latitude and longitude are used more frequently. About one tenth of the land area of nada is unaffected and not inhabited. But that does not mean that the person has left no trace in these regions.

        Environmental problems also arise without dense population. The colder regions near the Arctic are sensitive far to interventions in natural processes. Since the consequences of thoughtless consumption in nada are often visible in the distance of densely populated areas that nadians have comparatively late developed an awareness of environmental protection. The country lies with its rbon footprint only in midfield, the rbon dioxide emissions per pita is one of the world’s highest. Critil to the nature of nada’s wood consumption in the country. While there are still uncontaminated forests in nada, but which are too far away from the settlement areas, as they could be used sustainably.

        Instead, settlement near forests are exploited and planted in fast-track procedure, animals n not be there to settle, other plants have no chance. The rainforests in western nada are also threatened. In the area covered by ice regions in the north of the country, other factors play a role: the extraction of oil and gas takes only limited consideration to the habitats of polar bears, seals and whales. Kanad owns more than 40 national parks, and beuse conservation is a top priority. The parks are excellently maintained and attract tourists from all over the world. However, many of them are very far apart, corridors between the parks are still missing but the program is on the expansion.

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